Descubre tu nivel de inglés sin compromiso. Tan sólo te llevará unos minutos contestar a las siguientes preguntas tipo test y nos pondremos en contacto contigo para darte el resultado.

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¿En qué nivel y tipo de curso estás interesad@?
¿Cómo nos has conocido?

Where _____ you live?

How _____ your name?

Would you mind _____ the window please?

Do you­ know_____ a cinema in town?

We can't go out now, it _____.

She never _____ to rock concerts.

That ____ be Mr Jones over there, he's on holiday in America at the moment.

He's got a good _____ as a manager in a big company.

It's _____ interesting book.  I'm sure you'll love it.

He _____ very fast when the accident happened.

I'd like ______ information about the new courses, please.

The _____ was only 2º C and we were freezing.

They told me _____ outside the office.

Are you _____ of spiders?

You must _____ attention to the teacher when you are in class.

What do you think _____when all the oil runs out in the world.

My boss is away on a business _____ to America.

Please _____ me to take the keys with me.

She hasn’t got any brothers or sisters. She’s a(n) _____ child.

I can’t stand _____ war movies.

We set _____ on our trip at eight o’clock in the morning. 

Do you know who I _____ into at the cinema yesterday?

She _____ in France when she was a child.  

I’ve been here _____ the beginning of September.

_____ the terrible hotel, we still enjoyed our holiday.

Mark recommends _____ the book before seeing the film.

We did some exciting _____ in science this morning.

They _____ we went to Australia for a holiday.

We wouldn’t _____ the train if you had been ready on time.

What do you feel like ____ today?

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